MSAR distributes  a complete range of antipollution equipment from booms, absorbent materials and modern skimmers to dynamic recovery vessels.Such antipollution equipment can be used in cases of oil spillage, hazardous liquid spillage, aquaculture and fish farming residue, plastic debris and other floating litter residue. MSAR can also provide containment solutions for silt and turbidity control (especially during marine works), jelly fish protection from shorelines, as well as anti-terrorist/security barriers.

We provided theoretical and practical training for spill response teams to learn the efficient application of methods, materials and equipment to prevent and reduce sea pollution according to International and European legislation. MSAR’s services include sale and rental of oil spill response equipment to facilities, port authorities and marine organizations.

MSAR maintains a highly trained and fully prepared technical team and equipment as well as vessels, skimmers, oil booms, vacuums, absorbent materials and is in position to conduct urgent and standard operations to prevent and eliminate incidents of sea pollution. Our team is always available for technical support and service.