The ultimate high efficient skimming system SCOR-VAC 10 is a powerful tool for the suction of liquids and oils floating on water, on the ground or on the beach, viscous mud as well as oil emulsions. The SCOR-VAC 10 has a suction height of over 6 meters and recovering capacity of 30 tons per hour.

The SCOR-VAC 10 consists of:

  • Diesel air-cooled engine
  • Powerful Vacuum pump
  • Vacuum tank
  • Enhanced type piping system



The YMC 105 sprayer has been designed for use on a wide range of inshore craft. The dispersant is drawn from either portable deck containers or inbuilt tanks and then applied via alloy spray arms extending from the boats’ port and starboard sides.
Rigging and hoses are supplied to facilitative the complete installation.
The pump set is designed to handle dispersant / water mix at variable amounts ranging from 0 – 105 litres per minute.
For temporary use on deck, a Yanmar powered pump is optional available.



Heavy duty inflation/deflation system of Air-Inflated booms. The power pack guarantees high performance and integrity to the end user throughout the whole procedure.
The same power unit can be used to provide the required hydraulic power for the reel and the air blower, if necessary.



MSAR offers a very comprehensive range (4 kW to 50 kW or more) of diesel multipurpose hydraulic power packs. Hydraulic power units for operating oil spill control equipment such as boom reels, skimmers and pumps – as well as other devices.